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2014-04-13_MEN.com_Str8ToGay_Bros_Who_Fuck_11 – Str8ToGay – Bros Who Fuck

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Johnny Rapid meets up with John Evans after chatting on a dating site. The guys are both into it and decide to do it right there in the restaurant bathroom. John pulls out his dick and gets blown before pounding Johnny’s tight ass!

Lenght: 19 minutes
Models: John Evans, Johnny Rapid
Released: 13/April/2014



CzechHunter 136

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I was feeling lazy today, so I’ve decided to go for a sure thing. A train station is always the best pick-up place. Just after few minutes I’ve got what I wanted. Bit confused, young looking traveller who didn’t have an idea where to go. Once again I’ve used my " …it’s a school project… " pickup line. We sat down at a small canteen, ordered baked tea and some crepes and started to talk.
It was his first time in Prague and he came alone. This just made him the easiest game I’ve ever hunt down. After a small talk I’ve shown him the money. That amazed him and he wasn’t scared anymore. I saw the GREEN in his eyes and I knew that the greed will make him agree to do things he never even thought of.

Lenght: 70 minutes
Released: 10/April/2014



CollegeDudes – Troy Taylor fucks Sam Northman

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Troy and Sam are hot and ready to cum! These two well-built and delicious studs are guaranteed to please and once their perfect bodies press up against each other and they get to fucking and sucking, there’s no holding them back from one another! Troy can’t wait to get inside Sam and fuck him raw, but he exercises his patience and they start out with a hot little make-out session as Troy kisses his way right on down to Sam’s big dick and sucks it till it’s standing at attention!

But Sam’s a little hungry, too, and wants a taste of Troy’s Grade A meat…and that’s exactly what he gets as he deepthroats that big cock and face-fucks him until Troy can’t resist shoving his massive throbbing dick right up Sam’s tight ass! Troy pumps Sam full of his manhood from every direction, making sure he gets his prick really far up Sam’s ass so that Sam can appreciate every little movement.

And Sam, the good little bottom that he is, does what he’s told and enjoys the experience of Troy burying himself inside him. Although, by the looks of it, these two wouldn’t mind fucking forever, they can’t hold back much longer and Sam’s the first one to spill his hot juice onto his toned abs, followed by Troy, who ends this hot scene with a perfect cumshot!

Models: Troy Taylor, Sam Northman
Released: 03/April/2014



BrokeStraightBoys – Jaden Bentley Jacks Off

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Jaden, a toned, tanned 20-year-old Venezuelan, comes to us from a small town in South Dakota where he left his girlfriend behind for the big city life…and he’s found his way to us to get some extra cash in his pocket.

Models: Jaden Bentley
Released: 02/April/2014



CollegeDudes – Josh O Brian and Tristan Stiles Flip Fuck

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It turns out that Josh has taken a liking to being fucked and sucked by dudes, so we’re welcoming him to College Dudes by pairing him with the hot and horny Tristan…and the result is definitely something to behold! These two go at each other with some crazy energy and enthusiasm and they just can’t seem to get enough!

Josh gets on his knees to please Tristan, choking on his cock and sucking his balls as Tristan watches him go down on him, pulling him off his cock to make out before shoving his dick back down his throat! Tristan is eager to get inside Josh’s ass and he slams him on the bed before sliding his dick inside, slow at first to give Josh a chance to get used to his size, and then fucking him hard and fast before Josh wants a turn and they flip, Tristan bottoming for Josh as he pounds him so hard his perfect little ass bounces with each thrust.

After awhile of doggy-style, Tristan gets on his back and lets Josh take him that way, getting his big throbbing dick in real deep as he slams into Tristan. They can’t take the pleasure much longer and Tristan shoots his load all over himself and Josh follows suit! Damn, these boys know how to fuck!

Models: Josh O Brian, Tristan Stiles
Released: 31/March/2014



BrokeStraightBoys – Damien Kyle sucks Tyler White

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Watch as Tyler White gets his big cock sucked for the first time, and Damien Kyle shows him the ropes of getting a guy off!

Models: Damien Kyle, Tyler White
Released: 30/March/2014



BrokeStraightBoys – JJ Masters fucks Vadim Black Raw

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These hot-bodied, well-slung studs are ready to fuck, and Jj wastes no time making that happen as he tops Vadim!

Models: JJ Masters, Vadim Black
Released: 28/March/2014



CollegeDudes – Toby Springs fucks Michael Roberts

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Michael likes what he sees, appreciating Toby’s hot body and perfect cock, and you can tell that he’s practically begging to have Toby fuck his tight little ass! And what better to get those big cocks hard and ready than some hot-mouthed oral action? Toby gets down on his knees to suck on Michael’s cock first, flicking his tongue against his tip and working his shaft before Toby gets his turn to put his dick in Michael’s eager mouth.

Toby mouth-fucks Michael, getting his prick deep down his throat before he puts it deep in his ass! Michael takes Toby’s big cock while he moans in pleasure, getting fucked so hard that his nice little ass bounces as Toby pounds him from behind. As much as these two are enjoying doggy-style, they switch it up and get Michael on his back to bottom for Toby in a different way.

As he pumps him full of his hard cock, Michael can’t help but shoot his hot load all over and the sight of that perfect cumshot makes Toby pull out and bust a nut! If watching these hot studs cum didn’t quite get you there…maybe a nice little shower scene will. Watch these two watch the jiz off one another and exchange some kisses in the shower as the water glistens and drips off their perfect asses and cocks!

Models: Toby Springs, Michael Roberts
Released: 27/March/2014



BrokeStraightBoys – Jaxon Ryder fucks Romeo James Raw

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Romeo James’ hairy ass is filled by some bare dick from Jaxon Ryder. The newbie fucks Romeo in three positions. Although Romeo moans and groans, his rod is granite stiff for the entire ride. At the end his cum shoots out, first landing on his chest!

Models: Jaxon Ryder, Romeo James
Released: 26/March/2014



CollegeDudes – Josh O Brian fucks Alex Maxim

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Fuck, these guys are hot, and the two of them together is definitely a promising combination! I’ll let you be the judge of that yourself…but let’s just say that you won’t be disappointed. These two ripped and attractive boys are down to fuck, and they savor every experience leading up to it!

A little makeout session to preface some hardcore and intense cock-sucking is always a good way to start things off, and Alex shows off some very impressive deep-throating skills, shoving Josh’s dick WAY down his throat! But Josh wants to get a taste of Alex’s big cock and he isn’t shy about it, he takes that dick in his mouth and sucks on his balls before he’s ready to put his cock in Alex!

Alex bottoms for Josh, guiding his thick cock inside his tight entrance and bouncing up and down, riding him before changing positions and letting Josh in even deeper. He pumps him full of his throbbing dick, spanking Alex’s full ass and gripping it hard as he rams him. Once Alex is on his back and taking it up the ass, he can’t help but jizz all over and the sight of all that hot cum gets Josh off in a big way. It looks like this fuck took a lot out of these two studs…but a little rest and we’re sure they’ll be back for some more!

Models: Josh O Brian, Alex Maxim
Released: 24/March/2014